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In addition, please check the mystery people pages - these are photographs of people who are not identified, although sometimes clues to their identities exist. Please contact Susan T. Miller with any information about any of these people.

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List of identified people - all these people have links to genealogy pages including family group sheets and often additional information.

Alan Banyai

Ann Mickle Bell

Erma Rosella Thurtell Brahmsteadt

Persia Thurtell Burns and Dr. William Patrick Burns

Harriet Thurtell Cattnach

Louise Thurtell Cook

Anne Thurtell Everitt

Thelma Thurtell Friend

Noble W. Irving

Edith Thurtell Kroeker

Ellen Thurtell Mickle

Evangeline Thurtell Miller and Edward A. Miller

Alfred Thurtell Murray and Mary Everitt Murray

Charlotte Thurtell AKA Charlotte Murray

John and Louisa Ann Pears

Irene Thurtell Foresman Peters

Sylvia Pierson Thurtell and Her Siblings

Margaret Elaine (Murray) Shearing and Alfred William (Jim) Shearing

Mary Thurtell Strauch

Alexander Thurtell

Amy Burns Thurtell

Benjamin Thurtell and Conchessia Karns Thurtell

Charles Snow Thurtell and Louise Davis Thurtell

Edward Goddard Thurtell

Edward Godfrey Thurtell

Francis Thurtell and Amelia Higginson Thurtell

George Davie Thurtell and Fanny Cecilia Harland Thurtell

Henry Thurtell and Julia Mary (Mate) Snow Thurtell

Henry Richard Thurtell

John Thurtell and Anne Browne Thurtell of Hobland Hall

John Thurtell - Black Sheep of the Thurtell Family

Captain John Brookes Thurtell

R. Dean Thurtell

Richard Ernest Thurtell

Robert Lincoln Thurtell and Sylvia Pierson Thurtell

Walter Orville Thurtell

Walter Thurtell and Emma Bechtel Thurtell and Their Children

Walter Thurtell and Mary Agnes Hall Thurtell

Walter Thurtell AKA Walter Murray

Mary Catherine Thurtell Withrow, George Withrow, and Family

List of additional images

1847 Letter from Benjamin Thurtell to Edward Brookes Thurtell

1850 U.S. Census from Grant County, Wisconsin, listing Edward Brookes Thurtell and family

1870 U.S. Census from Grant County, Wisconsin, listing Edward Brookes Thurtell and family

1900 U.S. Census from Martin County, Minnesota, listing Harriet Thurtell Cattnach and Hugh Cattnach and family

1900 U.S. Census from Plymouth County, Iowa, listing Frank Thurtell and Eva S. Minnick Thurtell and family

1900 U.S. Census from Snohomish County, Washington, listing Frederick W. Thurtell

Pictures of the Churches in Lowestoft, England, and Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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