Anne Thurtell Everitt

Anne Thurtell Everitt was born December 12, 1791, in Blundeston, Suffolk, England. She married George Everitt on October 20, 1817, in Bradwell, Suffolk, England. He died February 20, 1844, in England. She had no children.

In 1853 she traveled by herself all the way to America on the steamship Africa. She then traveled from New York to Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and had a reunion with her brother, Benjamin Thurtell, and his family, and her nephew, Edward Brookes Thurtell, who came from his home in Jamestown, Wisconsin, for the reunion. The diary she kept of her trip shows her as an intelligent, observant, and remarkably adventuresome lady. She died in England in 1866 and was buried in Caister with her husband.

The picture below was probably taken in Canada during her vacation. No picture has been found of her brother, Benjamin Thurtell, or her nephew, Edward Brookes Thurtell.

Anne Thurtell Everitt

The above picture is from the collection of Charlotte Mackie.

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