Frank Thurtell and Family in 1900 U.S. Census from Iowa

Frank Thurtell and his family are listed below in the U.S. Census for 1900 for Iowa (Volume 60, ED 102, SD 11, Sheet 5, Line 69) as living in Elkhorn Township, Plymouth County, Iowa. It shows Frank Thurtell as age 48, born in Wisconsin in December 1852, with his father born in England and his mother in Indiana. He owns his farm but has a mortgage. His wife, Eva S. Thurtell, age 44, was born in Wisconsin in November 1855, and the census shows her father was born in Pennsylvania and her mother in England. The census shows they have been married 25 years and that she is the mother of 12 children, of whom 10 are living. His daughter, Olive E. Thurtell, age 22, was born in Wisconsin in October 1877, and her occupation is shown as at home. Their seven younger children were all born in Iowa. Edward B. Thurtell, age 19, was born in March 1889 according to the census soundex, but the last digit of the year is hard to read in the census itself and probably should be 1881. He is shown as a farm laborer. Anthony, age 16, was born in March 1884. Robert L., age 14, was born in January 1886. Carson, age 10, was born in July 1889. Blanche L., age 8, was born in February 1892. Eva M., age 6, was born in January 1894. Grace L., age 3, was born in February 1897.

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