Charles Snow Thurtell and Louise Davis Thurtell

Charles Snow Thurtell was born June 21, 1899, in Reno, Nevada, the oldest son of Henry Thurtell and Julia Mary (Mate) Snow Thurtell. He served in the Army in France during World War I. He was a surpervisor in the Navy Department as a federal civilian employee for many years and also owned a restaurant in Washington, DC, the Devonshire Grill. He and his wife, Louis Davis Thurtell, were married in about 1940 and never had children. They are both buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

The pictures above are from Susan Miller's collection. The one on the left shows Charles Snow Thurtell (on the left in uniform) and his father, Henry Thurtell, in 1917 when Charles was going to France. The one on the right shows Louise Davis Thurtell (the taller lady on the left) and Charles' sister, Frances Thurtell McGregor.

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