Irene Thurtell Foresman Peters

Irene Louise Thurtell was born on December 20, 1900, in Manitowoc, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, a daughter of Dr. Herbert Thurtell and Caroline Chapel Thurtell. The family moved to Traverse City, Michigan, prior to the 1910 U.S. Census and to Benton Harbor, Michigan, prior to the 1920 U.S. Census.

She was married to George Bruce Foresman in 1923, and they had one son, Robert Bruce Foresman, who was born November 3, 1925, in Buchanan, Michigan, and died April 6, 1994, in Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan. Her husband passsed away on May 6, 1951. Irene married Raymond E. Peters on December 27, 1952, in Benton Harbor, Michigan. She died in Michigan on October 28, 1970; and Ray Peters died about 1971 in Cleveland, Tennessee, enroute from Florida to Michigan.

Irene was very interested in the Thurtell family genealogy and did a great deal of research on it for many years, corresponding with relatives, libraries, and others in the U.S., Canada, and England. She and her husband, Ray Peters, enjoyed traveling around the country with their trailer. She prepared a family history in 1963 that she shared with many relatives.

The picture on the left of Irene Thurtell was taken about 1915 and is from the collection of RobRoy McGregor. The picture on the right of Irene and Ray Peters was taken when they visited the family of her cousin, Henry Leroy Thurtell, in Denver, Colorado, in the mid 1960's and is from my collection.


I had the opportunity to meet Irene and Ray Peters during this visit to Colorado, the first time she had seen her cousin, my father, in about 40 years. She then generously shared much of her genealogy information with me, and we corresponded the rest of her life.

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