Edward Brookes Thurtell and Family in 1870 U.S. Census

Edward Brookes Thurtell and his family are listed below in the 1870 U.S. Census for the Town of Jamestown, Grant County, Wisconsin, enumerated August 6, 1870, showing the Post Office as Platteville, Grant County, Wisconsin, with the family listed on page 15, lines 9-15.

He is shown as Edward Thurtle, age 54, a farmer whose real estate is worth $7000 and personal property is worth $1200. He is shown as born in England, with both parents of foreign birth. His wife is shown as Anna Thurtle, age 49, born in Indiana, whose occupation is keeping house. All five of the children listed show they were born in Wisconsin. Frank, 18, works on the farm. Fred, whose age is shown as 13, also works on the farm and attended school in the past year. Harriet E. Thurtle, age 13, and Grace Thurtle, age 11, are shown as at home and attending school in the past year. Anna B. Thurtle, age 9, is also shown as attending school.

On the same page of the 1870 census on line 16 is Walter Thurtle, age 25, born in Wisconsin, who works on the farm. Also on the same page on lines 17-18 are Ann Folts, age 56, born in Wisconsin, whose occupation is keeping house, and Edward R. Folts, age 1, born in Wisconsin. On lines 19-21 are Ransom Folts, age 27, born in New York, who works on a farm; Ann Folts, age 25, born in Wisconsin, whose occupation is keeping house; and Ransom Foltz, age 2/12, who was born in March 1870 in Wisconsin.

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