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Susan Persia Thurtell Miller
1411 West Childs Street
Wheaton, Illinois 60187-4601

I am researching the following families and enjoy exchanging information with other researchers:

THURTELL - in U.S. mid 1800's to present; in Canada primarily Wellington County, Ontario, 1834 to present; in England, primarily Suffolk and Norfolk Counties, 1700 or earlier to present; in Australia, mid 1800's to present; and in South Africa, mid 1800's to present. I have a lot of information going back to James Thurtell (born about 1738 in England and died January 19, 1801, in Suffolk County, England) and his wife Winifred Nunn Thurtell (born about 1740 in England and died November 28, 1795, in Suffolk County, England), both of whom are buried at Blundeston, Suffolk, England. This name is sometimes also shown as Thurtle.

SNOW - Especially Charles Blanchard Snow, born March 29, 1833, in Pennsylvania or Palmyra, New York, who died March 8, 1890, in Keeler, Inyo County, California. His parents were Samuel Snow and Hannah Blanchard. His wife was Maria P. Morrison, who was born April 24, 1842, in Groton, Caledonia County, Vermont, and died January 5, 1934, in Washington, DC. Her parents were Timothy Morrison and Olive Paul. Their children were Charles W. Snow (born October 31, 1864, in Dallas County, Iowa, and died October 14, 1890, in Reno, Nevada); George F. Snow (born December 6, 1867, in Dallas County, Iowa, and died July 29, 1887, in Esmeralda County, Nevada); and Julia Mary (Mate) Snow, who was born January 16, 1871, in Dallas County, Iowa, married Henry Thurtell on August 5, 1896, in Pacific Grove, Monterey County, California, and died in 1956 in or near Washington, DC.

MORRISON - Timothy Morrison's grandparents included Charles Emery, who was born August 16, 1745, in Kittery, York County, Maine, and his wife, Ann Hodgdon, who was born in Berwick, York County, Maine, on March 9, 1740/41. Both of them died in Groton, Vermont. Timothy Morrison's parents were Bradbury Morrison and Betsey Emery, who were both born in Maine and died in Groton, Vermont.

HANNIGAN - Especially Thomas F. Hannigan, born about June 22, 1870, in New York, and died in February 1934 in New York. His wife was Emma L. Nealon, who was born May 18, 1874, in Dublin, Ireland, and died in 1952 in New York. Their children were all born in New York City - Emma, Mae, Lilly, Grace, Florence, James, Irene, and Madelyn Hannigan.

HERZOG/BREITENBACH - Gotfried Herzog, born in Germany or Switzerland probably in the 1860's; his wife Rose Breitenbach, who was born in New York or Germany and died about 1906 in New York City; and their children who were probably all born in New York City or Hoboken, NJ - John Herzog, Anna Herzog (August 13, 1890 - April 9, 1977), Rose Veronica Herzog (June 20, 1893 - March 15, 1978), Joseph Herzog, Emma Anna Herzog (August 13, 1899 - September 18, 1982), and Henry Herzog.

KASNER - Anthony Kasner, born June 14, 1887, in Kielce, Poland, and died March 10, 1934, in Detroit, Michigan; his parents, John Kasner and Maria Grzybowska; his wife, Helena Serafinski, born November 23, 1882, in Tarnow, Poland, and died October 19, 1969, in Washington, DC; and her parents Stanley Serafinski and Teresa Nosek.

See additional information about the Thurtell/Murray and Kraushaar Families on the website of John Crawshaw.

Read more information including letters exchanged among James Thurtell/Murray, his wife, Sarah Holt Murray, and their descendants preserved by Dorothy Bilodeau.

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