Thurtell and Related Families

A Genealogy Home Page of Susan T. Miller

I had two genealogy websites hosted by Geocities.  After Geocities notified everyone that they would no longer be hosting websites effective October 26, 2009, I moved both sites to my domain, http://www.thurtellfamily.net, which has been hosted by WestHost since 2003.

Many pages on the original 1998 website have an incorrect link to the page shown as HOME, directing it here to http://www.thurtellfamily.net/geofvmx/genhome.html.  The correct link should be to the page at http://www.thurtellfamily.net/geofvm/genhome.html

You should be transferred automatically to the correct page in five seconds, or you can click on this link - http://www.thurtellfamily.net/geofvm/genhome.html.

I am continuing to do genealogy research and enjoy exchanging information and photos with other researchers!


Please contact
Susan T. Miller
1411 West Childs Street
Wheaton, Illinois  60187-4601
Email GGM81@aol.com

This page last updated October 25, 2009.